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  • $300 Air Conditioning or Heat Pump

  • $300 Water Heaters

  • $300 Heat Pump Water Heater

  • $150 95% A.F.U.E.Furnace/Boiler

  • $50 Advanced Air Circulating Fan Motor

Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling a Trane Comfort Specialist has another great value to offer our customers. When you update your old heating and cooling system with Trane high-efficiency equipment you can get 36 month special financing with approved credit.

Trane furnaces are not only 95% efficient but also use 75-80 % less electricity than old style or standard replacement furnace and air conditioners.  The furnaces have a ECM motor that saves on average $150.00 -$200.00 per year on electricity alone.

Natural gas savings of 15% – 25% are common when old natural draft and induced draft furnaces are replaced. Saving electricity , natural gas and paying no finance charge is a smart buy. Also if you are a Equitable gas company customer there are rebates of up to $750.00 dollars available.

Duquesne light and other utility companies also have rebates. Our products come with 10 year parts warranties standard. But the benefit we like best is the comfort our equipment provides. The great feed back from customers after having a properly sized and installed system is what we enjoy the most.

Let our trained technicians size your home evaluated your duct system and come up with  options that are best for you and your home. 36 months special financing is good untill March 15th 2017. Also check out our website for money savings coupons.

Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling

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Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling takes great pride in staying current with new ways to increase the customers comfort level. Product knowledge, correct sizing layout and system design lead to lower operating and installation costs.

We see many company’s taking the same approach to hot water heating systems as they did 20 years ago.We try to consolidate systems to save space, use pumps that are quieter, adjust flow based on system load and save up to 75% electricity usage compared to old style boiler circulator.

We eliminate the use of old masonry chimneys and have the boiler multi task and heat the home and hot water. Proper piping with pump and system valves make service and maintenance easy. Our Navien CH 240 ASME H stamp boiler is wall mounted heats your home and hot water.

Our systems have standard outdoor reset control, instead of one size our boilers adjust heating capacity based on outdoor temperature only using enough natural gas to properly heat your home with out the waste of excessive water temperature on milder days.

There are rebates from local utility company’s we help our customers take advantage of as well. Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling has money-saving coupons for boiler installations at www.callmiller.net

Let one of our experienced technicians evaluate your hot water heating systems. We offer special financing with approved credit through Wells Fargo, so you can buy today while paying over time.


Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling

3131 Library Rd Pittsburgh Pa 15234




Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling has a great staff with the skill to handle all of your plumbing repair needs. Water service line replacement is one of our specialities. There are a few signs of a bad water service.

The sound of water running by your water meter when no water is being used. Water coming out of the floor or wall by the water line entering your house. Water coming out of the ground or a wet saturated area inside or outside of your home.

Also if your water meter is in a pit outside you may get a very high water bill. You can call Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling to diagnose your problem before the leaking water causes structural damage.

We have the equipment to remove and replace your leaking water service. We can trench , bore, mole,  drill, or brazed onto your old leaking water service line and pull a new line into your house. experience is our biggest asset. Having the equipment and experience enables Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling to diagnose and repair your problem quicker and at a lower cost.

Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling

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outside even if everything else is dry.



Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling and Trane are pleased to announce the XT 95 furnace. Not only is the new model 95 % efficient it features the new X13 ECM blower motor. The fan motor consumes 75% less electricity than the standard Trane XR 95 furnace.

The Trane XT 95 furnace will save a lot of electricity and lower your gas bill, but will also increase the SEER rating of A/C and Heat Pump units by 1-2 points and let you take full advantage of Trane clean effects air cleaners and XR 15 A/C and heat pump units and get the true AHRI SEER rating.

When using the XV 95 and now the XT 95 you can get federal tax credits and an additional credit for the X13 ECM blower motor ,$750 dollar rebate from equitable gas   and other rebates from the utility companies can save you even more making this furnace a better value than the standard XR 95 furnace.

The Trane XT 95 80K model uses 116 watts compared to 550 watts usage of the standard Trane XR 95. You will save appromexily $760.32 dollars in electricity over a five year period.

Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling has made a special advance purchase of this awesome product and NOW THROUGH December 31 print this blog and we will install the Trane XT 95 upgrade for the cost of the XR 95 standard replacement unit.

Offer valid while supply last not valid with any past or current sales agreement. This is another way Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling brings true value to our many customers.

Miller Plumbing Heating Cooling

3131 Library Rd Pittsburgh Pa 15234






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